A Latvian-born American (Texan) artist, Dace Kidd (born 1987 in Riga, Latvia) works mainly with oil and acrylic on canvas. She studied at the Art Academy of Latvia in Riga and at the Accademia di Belli Arti in

Palermo for two years after completing her bachelor’s degree. Europe has hosted her installations and paper sculptures, as well as her large-scale drawings and paintings. From 2015 on, she has been painting murals and developing a unique portraiture style. As an illustrator and graphic designer, Dace Kidd has worked on a wide range of projects. From Venice to Berlin to Amsterdam, she had a string of successful exhibitions around Europe and displayed her work in New York and Miami, respectively. Her murals continue to gain popularity all over Texas. She exhibits her fine art in Tyler and Dallas, Texas. In addition, she curates art events in the area frequently.

Dace Kidd painting mural

Dace Kidd is Mural Artist Texas. She is a classically trained painter using her skills in large format works both indoors and out. As a result, she works on large-scale commercial projects and smaller, more intimate murals for clients’ residences or offices. She is seen here repelling down an almost sheer wall to paint a fifty-foot-high rose to celebrate her community.

Mural Artist TX

Dace Kidd is now the owner of Mural Artist TX

Mural Artist Texas is well aware that commercial art may take on a number of shapes and forms. My one-of-a-kind murals have been painted in anything from lobbies to executive suites to parking garages. They have benefited both the interior and exterior of business settings. Logos or art murals can be created directly on many surfaces. On the other hand, they can also be painted on a large canvas which I can custom-make for your project. See the portfolio.

If you have a space in your home that would benefit from a custom mural, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Free consultations are available with Mural Artist Texas. If necessary, I may custom-build underframes and stretch the canvas to fit in difficult-to-fit portions of your home or office. Additionally, if you like, I may paint directly on your walls or ceilings if you prefer. Our ability to think creatively is the only thing that keeps our imaginations from running wild. We can begin our discussion about your bespoke mural with a phone call.