Window Painting


Window painting is going to become quite addictive! Change the look of your windows into works of art! Make your own stained glass window and leave beautiful notes for your neighbors with this easy DIY! Check our portfolio.

Seriously! The best window patterns may be created by repurposing paint that you already have on hand. Although it is essentially a children’s craft, adults like it just as much as children do! Repaint those windows in a bright color.

Mural art can be painted directly onto a variety of surfaces, or it can be painted on a large canvas that has been custom-built.

Texas Mural Artists are well aware that art for a commercial structure can take on a variety of different forms and styles. In addition to lobbies, executive suites, and parking garages, I have created one-of-a-kind murals for both inside and outside commercial spaces, as well as for private residences, using a variety of media. In addition to painting directly on a variety of surfaces, mural artists can paint on a giant canvas that has been custom-built for their specific project.


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